#Day 16 makeup challenge-bold lips

TGIF !! Hallo everybody !!!! 

So here is my day 16 of the challenge. Bold lips .. I chose a red lipstick (isadora matte lipstick- red carpet) for this look. 




#Day 15 makeup challenge-smokey eyes

Hello my lovely people!! How are you all doing? 

A quick update on my makeup challenge. Smokey eyes— this is a very simple, my daytime smokey eyes. Its the most simplest smokey look which I do very often. I am yet to master the deep dark real smokey look. Hopefully I will come close.. So here it is..

Have an amazing day lovlies:) 💓💓

Till next time– 

Much love 🙂 💜💜

#Day 14 makeup challenge-ombre lips/eyes

I am totally failing to keep up with this challenge. It should be day 21 but I am still on day 14. But I will continue anyways. 

Todays challenge is ombre lips/eyes. I have never tried ombre lips so today will be my first time. One thing about this challenge I like is the looks which I havent tried before and I do it for the challenge. So without further adoo.. 

I had a total fail with the foundation I tried. It is the astor 24hr primer foundation. It looked horribly cakey, clinged to my dry patches, accentuated my pores. I had high hopes for this foundation since I read good reviews about it. Anyways, I hope you like my post 🙂 

Have an amazing day lovlies 💓💓

Much love 💜💜

#day 13 makeup challenge-makeup pet peeve

hello everybody!! weekend becoming soo busy !! I just did my birthday shopping 😉😉 and luckily everything was on sale !! 

So for today’s post, makeup pet peeve uhmmmm…. 

Well I seriously cant think of any as I am all about self expression when it comes to makeup. Like if you want to wear a deep smokey eye 9am for work, go girl !! Makeup is an art and sometime or the other we all make mistakes or can go OTT. 

The only think I hate is when going to stores, the SA’s sometimes. OMG !! I mean I know that its their job to help the customers. But when the ‘helping’ line is crossed, it becomes a pain. I have had several episodes of these irritating moments where I literally have walkes out of the store due to frustration. When we go to a store, most of the times we know what to buy. But the continuos nagging of some SA’s becomes too much to handle and you forget the reason for going in the store. This has happened to me very many times before where I lived. 

So this is the only makeup pet peeve I have. 

What are your makeup pet peeves?? 

Have an amazing weekend lovlies!!! 😘😘😘

Until then, much love😘😘

#Day 12 makeup challenge-pop of colour

hello everybody!! How are you all doing? 

For today’s challenge, which is pop of colour, I chose lipstick instead of eyes since I have posted coloured eye look before and in future you will see frequently a pop of colour in my eyes. Since I have been more into nude or subtle lipsticks for quite sometime, I thought it would be a great time to bring out my bright lippies again. And the weather being appropriate too 🙂 🙂 

So without further adoo, here is my look — 

I have too many reasons for being excited which I will reveal in my future posts. And a bright lippie like this brightens up the whole look so beautifully! 

I hope you enjoyed my post .. Have an amazing day lovlies !! 

Love ya alll 

Until then, much love ❤ 

#Day 11 makeup challenge-holy grail/currently loving products

Hello everybody!!
Today I share my current favourite products which I have been enjoying recently. There are a lot more products but for the sake of this post not to be too picture heavy, I have narrowed down it to 6. Here are they—
Maybelline color sensational lip gloss, p2 soft nude lipstick in soft peach, Catrice absolute nude eyeshadow palette (review), Maybelline master smoky, Catrice sun glow bronzer, Catrice defining blush 020 rose royce (review)
Have an amazing day lovlies!!
Austie Bost There For You Regular

#day 10 makekup challenge-cat eyes 

My all time favourite!! Winged liner !! Or the cat eyes (meoww) 

Hey guys ! How is everyone doing? I have been recently practising simple makeup which looks like a hard work but are very simple to do. And I have been enjoying it so much. They are turning okt pretty well and I cant pat myself enough because there ws a time when I dint even know how to hold an eye shadow brush! And by this I mean a few months before. It feels amazing when you are able to finally do pretty looks after so much of practising. Props to every girl who experiences this 🙂 🙂 

Anyhoo coming back to the challenge– 

And for an intense look, 

I have a review coming up for a neutral eye shadow palette 🙂 until then , have an amazing day ladies !! 

Much love ❤ ❤