April and May favourites 

Hello everybody !! How are you all doing ? I cant believe june is already here!! I mean seems like just yesterday we were celebrating new years and now we have already reached almost half way !! 

This is my april and may favourites combined. I have finally come around to do this post. It was sucha hectic month and I am lagging behind my schedule. So without further adoo.. 

Hair favourite- 

Due to a lot of travelling, this has really come in handy. Its the dove intense repair leave in conditioner. It comes in 2 separate liquids which you have to mix well before spritzing on to your hair. It leaves the hair soft until next wash. I dont know about repair and stuff as I dint notice maybe Because I dont have a lot of split ends or dry ends. 

Skincare favourites

I have been keeping my skincare routine pretty simple. Lately I have been using Almond oil as a moisturizer and eye cream. It works perfectly well in keeping the skin supple and moisturized. I have also started adding vitamin c (ascorbic acid) powder for brightening and skin tone evening. 

Makeup favourites 


Essence gorgeous glow face palette, essence bronzing babe eyeshadow palette, makeup revolution i heart makeup Goddess of love highlighter, sephora mineral foundation in medium 30, essence gel eye liner, p2 cosmetics long lasting maxi lipstick in endless nude, colorbar lipstick in peach crush(from India). 

 Have an amazing week lovlies 🙂 

Until next time — 

Much Love 🙂 🙂 💜💜💜


Catrice Absolute Nude Eye shadow palette Review

Hey guys ! how are you all doing ?

For girls starting out with makeup or girls on a budget, Its sometimes difficult to select a good neutral eye shadow palette which will fit the bill perfectly. Neutral eye shadows are an essential in any makeup for creating everyday looks or soft smokey eyes for day time looks. So today I have an eye shadow palette which meets all the requirements of a good neutral eye shadow palette.
Catrice Absolute Eyeshadow palette
There are 4 palettes in this range each consisting of 6 eye shadows.
Absolute Bright
Absolute Matt
Absolute Nude
Absolute Rose
With Urban decay having their naked palettes and Naked basics palettes, it sparks interest in the hearts of makeup addicts like me. Drugstore options sometimes seems limited but now many company’s are releasing their inspired version of ‘naked’ palettes. Lets have a look at this palette which I have used for quite sometime and loving it.
IMG_7963Description– Six nude shades in one palette: subtle sand, delicate beige and brown in various facets. Some matt, some with a shimmer. The soft eye shadow texture with high pigmentation and colour dispersion creates natural-looking eye make-up, yet is also ideal for smokey eye styles in the evening. With a practical double-ended applicator.
Price– 4,99 €

My thoughts- These eye shadows come housed in a simple plastic black case with a transparent lid. It doesn’t feel cheap but its a simple no-fuss case. For the price, its an excellent palette from the drugstore.

Coming to the real part, the eye shadows.
One thing I noticed was there isn’t any matte shade. So it might be a drawback for some.
The shades –

without primer

without primer

with primer

with primer

From l-r

1st shade- A shimmery champagne shade. This was the most chunkiest of all when swatched and at first I felt it wouldn’t work. But it worked beautifully and was not at all chalky. There’s fallout with this eyeshadow but it works.
2nd shade– Its a light mauvey pink. Smooth and easy to work with.
3rd shade– medium brown with mauve undertones.
4th shade– bronzre with hints of gold.
5th shade– medium brown with little silver shimmer
6th shade– dark brown with tiny gold shimmer.

Texture and pigmentation-
Apart from the first shade, all others are amazing to work with. They are smooth and build well. They are decently pigmented and since they are buildable, it reduced the chances of going overboard with them.

Wear time-
Surprisingly, they stay put for 6-7 hours. I haven’t tested them for more than 7 hours and I have always used a primer underneath, but I can guarantee they will last a long time.

I think this is an amazing palette to throw in you make up bag and for make up on the go. I have even used them with my fingers and they blend and apply easily. I love using this on a daily basis. They are not chalky and well pigmented except the first shade. But with tapping of the excess, its an amazing highlighting shade. There’s much losing than gaining but its ok. I am very impressed with this palette and I would definitely recommend to try this one out.
Here’s my look of the day with this palette-

Have an amazing day lovlies!! 🙂 🙂
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Essence cinderella blush review

hey guys..
So finally I am here reviewing the cinderella blush which is a part of the ‘essence trend edition Cinderella collection. It is available till the end of March.
I know I am quite late , but hey better late than never!

So essence is really coming up the notch with their products. Keeping up with the trends, there’s always something for each one of us and I really like that about essence. Moreover they keep up their quality while maintaining an affordable price so that each one of us can try them.

Kristi Medium
Description- charming blush! the highly pigmented powder-rouge gives the face a fresh redness. lovingly designed packaging is reminiscent of the unforgettable night of transformation and disseminated additionally fairy-feeling.

Packaging– This blush comes in a hard cardboard cover with magnetic closure, very similar to The balm cosmetics packaging. Its sturdy and travel-friendly.

IMG_7237Colour,Texture and Pigmentation– Its a beautiful matte corally pink colour. Perfect spring/summer colour.
The texture is soft, a bit powdery but blendable. There is no fallout and it isn’t chalky.
The pigmentation is also medium which is actually an advantage. Advantage in terms of building the colour slowly and gradually so that it doesn’t look OTT.

Staying power- This blush stays for 4 hours without primer. After that it starts fading evenly.

Final thoughts- I just wanted to have this blush. From the entire collection this had really caught my eye.
It is a very beautiful colour perfect for everyday wear for that natural flushed look.
A pretty colour for all you cinderella’s 🙂

I hope you liked this post 🙂
Have a nice day all you princesses out there 🙂 xoxo
until then ..
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TGIF !! Catrice defining Blushes

Hello lovlies!!
TGI Friday!!

How has everyone’s week been so far?
Sometimes it feels time is passing so fast, I mean its already the third month of 2015.
Sadly the weather here has again turned gloomy and its cold again 😦
Hows the weather on you side?
Today I have a review on Catrice defining blushes. I had mentioned these in my previous haul. I have been using these blushes and here are my thoughts.

The ultra-fine, highly-pigmented powder blush with vitamin C and E spreads easily, sets fresh accents, emphasizes your cheekbones and models the contours of your face. Top marks for a perfect finish.
Price– € 3,49
Packaging– These blushes come in a transparent acrylic case. Its is sturdy, travel friendly. transparent packaging makes it easy to identify the colour. Any which ways I am a huge fan of their packaging. Its simple, chic and classy.

They come in 9 shades. Today I will be reviewing 3 shades.
020 Rose Royce
A pretty rosy pink colour with slight mauve undertones. Just have to be careful while applying ,as with a heavy hand may look OTT. No shimmer.
015 Pink Charming
A cool toned light pink/immaculate pink. Amazing to pair for a heavy eye make up or lips. No shimmer.
035 Robin wood
You know sometimes we want that hint of glow on the cheeks but no colour as such. This is an excellent blush for that hint of glow if you have deep chocolate skin. I have tried this as a bronzing colour and it blends in beautifully. Has a hint of sheen to it that is not overpowering.

Texture and pigmentation- The texture of these blushes are very soft and easy to blend. Sometimes the colour seems to be a bit chalky when swatched on fingers, but when blended properly, it is not chalky at all.
The pigmentation is great too. It can be built up to a desirable colour payoff so there is less room for mistakes. It wont look chalky or heavy on the skin but blends in beautifully.
They last 4-5 hours on my skin without a primer.

For the price and pigmentation, these are definitely some great drugstore blushes Catrice has to offer.
I will haul rest of the colours in my next shopping trip coz these are so worth the bucks.
They have another range of blushes named illuminating blush and multicolour blush. I might as well grab them.
Hope you enjoyed this post 🙂
Until then,

Cartoon Blocks Christmas Regular
Austie Bost There For You Regular

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Catrice nude purism review 

hey beauties !

How has everyone’s week started ?
Recently I did a massive drugstore haul and will be sharing my reviews on them.
Today I will be reviewing some products from Catrice nude purism limited edition collection.
I had an amazing time testing out everything.. I dint even wait to reach home and opened and started swatching some of he blushes right in the car .. excitement !!

So most of the products from the haul were a complete hit as far as first impressions.. I will be reviewing rest of them in my upcoming posts 🙂

Coming back to this post-
Without further ado..  here are my thoughts-


swatches clockwise from L-R

swatches clockwise from L-R

Product Description-
Neutrals. There are two convincing versions with four trendy nude colours each: sand, rosé and coffee are complemented by a cool light blue; taupe, pale pink and soft pink are accompanied by a dark aubergine. Both clusters of four contain matt as well as silky-shimmering shades that can be combined to create an expressive eye make-up look with fabulous shading. The smooth textures are long-lasting, offer maximum coverage and are easy to apply.

Price– € 4,49
Packaging– I have always loved catrice packaging. They come in a transparent acrylic case. It doesn’t feel cheap but it sturdy and travel friendly. The transparent case makes it easy to identify the colours. Personally I really find he packaging chic and classy.

Pigmentation and Texture-
They texture of these eye shadows are smooth as butter. They are equally very well pigmented and blends like a dream. The swatches are not doing justice to the actual product but let me assure you they are pigmented.

All 4 shades are well co-ordinated and apt for day-time looks.
FullSizeRender (11)

I dont know why the camera dint capture well. but roughly I have 1st colour from left in the crease, darkest shade in outer v and 3rd shade on the lid .
They perform well without a primer and of course with a primer it will extend the longevity of the shadows.

Overall its an amazing product considering the price and quality of the shadows. I will definitely be purchasing more quads in future as they are some of the best drugstore options in my opinion.

Next product I bought is

Product description-
Skin Couture. The most beautiful (under)statement of this edition is a true eye-catcher: the Pure Shimmer Highlighter. The attractive 3D relief structure of the ultra-silky pressed powder is reminiscent of a softly shimmering honeycomb. Finely graded nude and light-reflecting pigments set subtle highlights on your face and neckline.

Price- € 4,49
Pigmentation and Texture-
This shimmer powder is champagney coloured, finely milled highlighter. It has that beautiful honey comb design.
The texture is a bit powdery at first but blends in the skin very nicely.
The pigmentation is also decent.
It is not that ‘one swipe’ highlighter ; you will have to build up to the required pigmentation.
But nevertheless, its is a very nice highlighter since it doesn’t contain any chunky shimmer particles. It gives a nice sheen and glow to the face.

A great drugstore option for the price and quality.

Lastly I bought 2 of their nail polishes

L-R Pure blue, barely pink

L-R Pure blue, barely pink

Product description- 
Pure Perfection. Coffee, rosé, taupe and cool light blue are welcoming the spring season and are a perfect match for the new nude shades of the designer dresses. The Nude Nail Lacquer promises ultimate colours – with and without effects – ultimate coverage and ultimate shine, which is sure to turn these limited shades into the must-haves of the season.
Price– € 2,49 approx
Texture, Brush and Quality
Frankly speaking, I have a love and hate relationship with these nail polishes.
The brush is a flat rounded brush which makes it easy to apply the colour.
What  love about them are their colours. baby pink and baby blue. perfect for spring summer. They dry fast as well.
What I don’t like about them is their texture. You have to apply 2 coats for desired level of pigmentation. First coat applies very streaky and patchy. When you apply the second coat, it still doesn’t look even, it still looks a bit patchy.
I have heard good reviews about their nail polishes, but these I would definitely pass on.

barely pink

barely pink

I forgot to take picture of the blue one .

Final verdict
I am really impressed with the eye shadow quad and the highlighter. i would definetly purchase more of their eye shadows coz they have some amazing pigmentation. Even their singles are of amazing quality.

Hope you enjoyed my review.
Have a wonderful day lovlies!!

Kristi Medium

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A quickie sunday post- Catrice cosmetics Haul 

Hey guys !! 

How are you all doing ?? 

Today I want to share with you some goodies I picked up from catrice. 

Without further delay , lets get started ! 

Catrice sun glow bronzer shimmering (darker skin) 

Catrice defining blush in 035 Robin Wood

Catrice nude purism eye shadow quattro in taupe-less (limited edition)

catrice nude purism pure shimmer highlighter (limited edition) 

catrice defining blush in 020 Rose Royce

catrice defining blush in 015 Pink Charming

 catrice multi colour blush in 60 Strawberry Frappuchino

Full review and swatches coming up next week. 

Enjoy sunday beauties !! 

Misslyn rich color gloss review

Hey guys ,

how has everyone’s week started so far?

Today I have a review on Misslyn rich color gloss. I found these in Muellers drugstore. They were pretty pricey for a drugstore brand which I dint realise while billing. when I came home and checked my bill I was shocked for a moment. I couldn’t believe I paid this much for these suckers .. they better had to perform good since I couldn’t even exchange them.

So I always used to pass by this stand, the had a wide range of lipsticks, foundation, eye shadows.. I never took notice until I say these lip glosses and on a whim bought 2 of these ..
.. IMG_6614

Here is my review
Price- 6,49 €

This lip gloss comes in a tall, square tube and contains significant amount of product. It is light weight and travel safe. The colour number is written on the rim of the tube. Though, the packaging isn’t unique, its nice.

Texture, consistency and finish-
These lip glosses have a very nice consistency, neither too thick nor too thin. They don’t feel sticky either but glides softly like a balm.
They have a sweet fragnance which isn very over powering. It dosent linger and goes of after some seconds of application.
The lip gloss is really hydrating and has a balmy feel. It soothes out dry, uncomfortable and parched lips perfectly.
I did not notice any shimmer. But they give a nice shine to the lips.

The swatches show the lip gloss to be decently pigmented. Sadly only on the hands. On the lips, they work better with a lip liner underneath or a lipstick. On their own they lack pigmentation.

Here are the swatches-







Final verdict 
I would say if you want just a sheer colour or a topper on the lipstick, you can try these but I think here are much better ones out there in the market. Like the Maybelline ones which are better in terms of pigmentation and price too.
But these are not bad too just to throw it in your purse. They are easy to apply for on the go ladies 🙂

Hope you liked my post 🙂
Have an amazing day 🙂
Darkwoman Regular
Darkwoman Regular
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