P2 cosmetics Culture spirit bake blushes (limited edition) 

Hellooo everybody !!!  

So I just wanted to share 2 of amazing drugstore finds.  They are from p2 cosmetics exclusive to dm. They are the culture spirit blend of beauty baked blushes. Here are the swatches– enjoy !! 

Sadly these are limited edition. So if you have a dm nearby , go get you some!! 

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Makeup revolution bare euphoria palette

Hello everybody. !!! 

Today i have a quick review on the Makeup Revolution Euphoria palette in bare.            

It comes with 6 eyeshadows, a bronzer, a highlight, and a blush. All in a black compact sturdy plastic case. It does come with a double ended sponge tip applicator for the eye shadows. You are really set for the day with this palette. And lucky for me , I got it at half price thats 3 £. 


As you see, all eye shadows lean towards rosy tones. But it completes the look and gets the job done by providing a highlight colour (first 2 ) crease and lid colours( 3, 4, 5) and outer v colour( 6) . 


The bronzer is matte whatsoever. So come in handy even for contouring since it isnt orangy. The highlight has a pearly sheen and the blish has tiny gold reflects as you can see in the pan. But it does come out subtle on the cheeks. 


I was really hoping for the darker colour to be a little more pigmented. Thats my only con with this palette. Rest all the colours are beautiful, blend well and are smooth. 


The less pigmentation of the 6th colour was made up by the bronzer, highlighter and blush. They have amazing pigmentation, smooth and buttery texture. The bronzer in particular is very smooth to a point where I felt it will start to crumble of. 

This palette is definitely for someone looking to minimize space in their makeup bag. I mean it isnt a must have but for the bucks its a win. It surely comes in handy while traveling. 

I hope you enjoyed my review. 

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Drugstore haul (Muellers and dm)

Hello my lovlies!!! So yesterday I went on a teeny tiny shopping spree to Muellers and dm. For day to day use, I usually go for drugstore products. I don’t mind spending a ton on high end make up but I just don’t feel the need since I have always found good and satisfying products in the drugstore and it doesn’t break the bank too. Here is what I got —-

Nail polishes!
DSC00132I love essence nail polishes. They are one of the best nail polishes in the drugstore and essence as a whole have never failed to  impress me. The gel ones are form their new product range.

Lipsticks!! Manhattan cosmetics and p2 cosmetics 
DSC00119DSC00131from left to right- p2 pure colour lipstick, manhattan lip laquer, p2 long lasting maxi lipstick(shine),p2 long lasting maxi lipsticks(matte)

Alverde sun kissed highlighter, Essence get big lashes mascara
DSC00123DSC00130Swatch- Alverde sun kissed highlighter

Astor perfect stay 24h primer foundation

Swatches and review in my upcoming posts.
My #day 2 make up challenge will be up soon 🙂 🙂
Have an amazing day lovlies ❤ ❤ ❤
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Manhattan powder rouge blush- Tropic orange

Today I have a review on a perfect spring/summer blush I am currently in love with.
Its the Manhattan powder rouge blush in Tropic orange.

I have already reviewed these blushes Here And I think I have raved about them enough. They are pigmented, have awesome colours and easy on pocket. I love these blushes and plan to accumulate almost all of them ∗cough cough ALL ?? ∗(Probably hubsy’s reaction) But you can never have enough right ?? 

So without too much rambling,  coming straight to the colour- 
Its a beautiful Subtle orange colour (Yes I said Subtle!) which is not at all in your face. It may look OMG in the pan but trust me it isn’t and wont make you look oompa loompa.. 
I have been really enjoying this colour and I will feature it in my future LOTD’s
Of course a beautiful and wearable colour for the faint hearted too 😉 
Which are your favourite blushes to rock this season ?
I hope you liked this post .. stay beautiful lovlies 🙂 

Unitl then, 
Kristi Medium
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Misslyn rich color gloss review

Hey guys ,

how has everyone’s week started so far?

Today I have a review on Misslyn rich color gloss. I found these in Muellers drugstore. They were pretty pricey for a drugstore brand which I dint realise while billing. when I came home and checked my bill I was shocked for a moment. I couldn’t believe I paid this much for these suckers .. they better had to perform good since I couldn’t even exchange them.

So I always used to pass by this stand, the had a wide range of lipsticks, foundation, eye shadows.. I never took notice until I say these lip glosses and on a whim bought 2 of these ..
.. IMG_6614

Here is my review
Price- 6,49 €

This lip gloss comes in a tall, square tube and contains significant amount of product. It is light weight and travel safe. The colour number is written on the rim of the tube. Though, the packaging isn’t unique, its nice.

Texture, consistency and finish-
These lip glosses have a very nice consistency, neither too thick nor too thin. They don’t feel sticky either but glides softly like a balm.
They have a sweet fragnance which isn very over powering. It dosent linger and goes of after some seconds of application.
The lip gloss is really hydrating and has a balmy feel. It soothes out dry, uncomfortable and parched lips perfectly.
I did not notice any shimmer. But they give a nice shine to the lips.

The swatches show the lip gloss to be decently pigmented. Sadly only on the hands. On the lips, they work better with a lip liner underneath or a lipstick. On their own they lack pigmentation.

Here are the swatches-







Final verdict 
I would say if you want just a sheer colour or a topper on the lipstick, you can try these but I think here are much better ones out there in the market. Like the Maybelline ones which are better in terms of pigmentation and price too.
But these are not bad too just to throw it in your purse. They are easy to apply for on the go ladies 🙂

Hope you liked my post 🙂
Have an amazing day 🙂
Darkwoman Regular
Darkwoman Regular
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Essence ‘i love trends’

Hey there !!

Recently I was in my favorite drugstores here in Germany and happened to pass across essence cosmetics (which i usually do teehee :p ) .

I saw some new products under the tag ‘i love trends’ . it had nail polishes, lipsticks, lip glosses, and eye shadows. all were mostly the nudes natural tones which is a huge trend this spring.

Today I want us to introduce the Essence trends which  are sold  at Mueller and dm at their counters. Hope you like the post.

Presented with the new trend edition “I love nude” essence in February 2015, the major trend of the season – NUDE. Whether nearly white, delicate beige, apricot and rose or brown shades – eyes, lips, skin and nails are highlighted in natural, soft shades and flatter all beauties.


i love nude- eyeshadow 
According to their website-

so natural in love! nude is light, soft and now available in different eyeshadow nuances ranging from subtle beige to rosé to soft brown. the baked texture of the new eyeshadow range offers a silky to matt finish and an individual, natural look. the packaging matches the shape of the texture and shows the nude tones at their best.


i love trends- nail polishes
according to their website

only nude… is sure to make the hearts of all nail polish fans beat faster this season! the new i love trends nail polishes cover your nails in light nude shades. from light beige to soft apricot and rosé shades to brown tones – the selection of different colors and effects is huge. the long-lasting formula ensures permanently pampered nails.

essence_i-love-trens_the-pastels_2 essence_i-love-trens_the-pastels_1 essence_i-love-trens_the-nudes_nagellack_swatches_3 essence_i-love-trens_the-nudes_nagellack_swatches_2 essence_i-love-trens_the-nudes_nagellack_swatches_1

i love trends- lip products
nude news! the popular xxxl lipglosses highlight your natural beauty in soft shades and ensure the perfect style for every occasion. the subtle color pigmentation creates a fresh look. the reservoir brush offers just the right amount of texture and the soft applicator ensures an especially easy application. 

sheer star! our bestselling lipstick is now available in gorgeous nude shades. the light and creamy texture feels wonderfully pleasant on your lips and offers long-lasting results in light nude, beige, light rosé, mocha as well as brown. absolute natural talents!

lipgloss lipsticks-1

Reviews coming soon ..

love ❤ rida