April and May favourites 

Hello everybody !! How are you all doing ? I cant believe june is already here!! I mean seems like just yesterday we were celebrating new years and now we have already reached almost half way !! 

This is my april and may favourites combined. I have finally come around to do this post. It was sucha hectic month and I am lagging behind my schedule. So without further adoo.. 

Hair favourite- 

Due to a lot of travelling, this has really come in handy. Its the dove intense repair leave in conditioner. It comes in 2 separate liquids which you have to mix well before spritzing on to your hair. It leaves the hair soft until next wash. I dont know about repair and stuff as I dint notice maybe Because I dont have a lot of split ends or dry ends. 

Skincare favourites

I have been keeping my skincare routine pretty simple. Lately I have been using Almond oil as a moisturizer and eye cream. It works perfectly well in keeping the skin supple and moisturized. I have also started adding vitamin c (ascorbic acid) powder for brightening and skin tone evening. 

Makeup favourites 


Essence gorgeous glow face palette, essence bronzing babe eyeshadow palette, makeup revolution i heart makeup Goddess of love highlighter, sephora mineral foundation in medium 30, essence gel eye liner, p2 cosmetics long lasting maxi lipstick in endless nude, colorbar lipstick in peach crush(from India). 

 Have an amazing week lovlies 🙂 

Until next time — 

Much Love 🙂 🙂 💜💜💜


P2 cosmetics lipsticks review 

Hello everybody..
If you live in Germany or have visited Germany and haven’t come across this drugstore brand, I say you should check it out ‘pronto’. P2 cosmetics is exclusively available at dm drugstore.
Today I share my review on these superb lipsticks. There are 6 permanent and 2 new range of lipsticks-
Long lasting shine
long lasting matte
soft nude
sophisticated liquid
pure colour
sheer glam
Limited edition:
just dream like fable lipstick pencil
beauty goes safari sunlight

piazza navona, forever cherry, forever rosewood, lovely trust, monalisa smile

Pure Color lipstick
1,95 €

My thoughts- These come in a standard tube with slanted lid and company logo. Underneath is the sticker with the lipstick name matching the colour of the bullet . The pure colour lipsticks come in a silver packaging with 15 shades to choose from.
These lipsticks go on super creamy. 1 swipe gives enough pigmentation and you can build the colour without the cakey feeling. It has a glossy finish when applied but settles down to a creamy matte sort of.
They have a good staying power too. It survived snacking and drinking without the need of touch-up. It fades evenly and leaves a slight stain.
Overall amazing quality for the price.

Long lasting MATTE maxi lipstick
Price– 2,95 €
My thoughts– They come in stick form like those of balms. Its a jumbo lip liner I would say.
They apply very creamy even though being matte or drying. I don’t feel the need to apply a lip balm before as they feel quite moisturizing. But very dry lips ofcourse should prep their lips.
The staying power is average(3 hrs) and you do need to touch up as it rubs of in the inner part of the lips.
Overall a decent lipstick.

forever cherry

forever rosewood

Sheer glam lipstick
Price- 1,95 €
My thoughts-
I don’t see the difference between these lipsticks and the pure color ones except the packaging. The sheer glam lipsticks come in a red packaging. They say sheer glam which at first makes us think they may be sheer on application but surprisingly they aren’t.

They also have the same creamy texture and amazing pigmentation. They feel light on the lips. These lipsticks seem to have a much more staying power than any of them. I am very impressed with them not only for the price but for the quality, texture and pigmentation.

lovely trust

Monalisa smile

I love all of these lipsticks because of the colours. The colours I have are perfect for my skin tone; They dont look garish or wash me out in any way. They go with every eye look. Most of the colours I have are neutral ones since I don’t own many neutral lipsticks which suit me perfectly. But I will buy more bright colours for the season.
Overall  I would say You should definitely give them a try. I am having a hard time deciding which ones to keep in my bag as hey all are so great.
which are your country’s exclusive brand and what are your favourite products?
I hope you liked this post
Stay beautiful ❤ ❤ ❤


Catrice Absolute Nude Eye shadow palette Review

Hey guys ! how are you all doing ?

For girls starting out with makeup or girls on a budget, Its sometimes difficult to select a good neutral eye shadow palette which will fit the bill perfectly. Neutral eye shadows are an essential in any makeup for creating everyday looks or soft smokey eyes for day time looks. So today I have an eye shadow palette which meets all the requirements of a good neutral eye shadow palette.
Catrice Absolute Eyeshadow palette
There are 4 palettes in this range each consisting of 6 eye shadows.
Absolute Bright
Absolute Matt
Absolute Nude
Absolute Rose
With Urban decay having their naked palettes and Naked basics palettes, it sparks interest in the hearts of makeup addicts like me. Drugstore options sometimes seems limited but now many company’s are releasing their inspired version of ‘naked’ palettes. Lets have a look at this palette which I have used for quite sometime and loving it.
IMG_7963Description– Six nude shades in one palette: subtle sand, delicate beige and brown in various facets. Some matt, some with a shimmer. The soft eye shadow texture with high pigmentation and colour dispersion creates natural-looking eye make-up, yet is also ideal for smokey eye styles in the evening. With a practical double-ended applicator.
Price– 4,99 €

My thoughts- These eye shadows come housed in a simple plastic black case with a transparent lid. It doesn’t feel cheap but its a simple no-fuss case. For the price, its an excellent palette from the drugstore.

Coming to the real part, the eye shadows.
One thing I noticed was there isn’t any matte shade. So it might be a drawback for some.
The shades –

without primer

without primer

with primer

with primer

From l-r

1st shade- A shimmery champagne shade. This was the most chunkiest of all when swatched and at first I felt it wouldn’t work. But it worked beautifully and was not at all chalky. There’s fallout with this eyeshadow but it works.
2nd shade– Its a light mauvey pink. Smooth and easy to work with.
3rd shade– medium brown with mauve undertones.
4th shade– bronzre with hints of gold.
5th shade– medium brown with little silver shimmer
6th shade– dark brown with tiny gold shimmer.

Texture and pigmentation-
Apart from the first shade, all others are amazing to work with. They are smooth and build well. They are decently pigmented and since they are buildable, it reduced the chances of going overboard with them.

Wear time-
Surprisingly, they stay put for 6-7 hours. I haven’t tested them for more than 7 hours and I have always used a primer underneath, but I can guarantee they will last a long time.

I think this is an amazing palette to throw in you make up bag and for make up on the go. I have even used them with my fingers and they blend and apply easily. I love using this on a daily basis. They are not chalky and well pigmented except the first shade. But with tapping of the excess, its an amazing highlighting shade. There’s much losing than gaining but its ok. I am very impressed with this palette and I would definitely recommend to try this one out.
Here’s my look of the day with this palette-

Have an amazing day lovlies!! 🙂 🙂
Kristi Medium

Drugstore haul (Muellers and dm)

Hello my lovlies!!! So yesterday I went on a teeny tiny shopping spree to Muellers and dm. For day to day use, I usually go for drugstore products. I don’t mind spending a ton on high end make up but I just don’t feel the need since I have always found good and satisfying products in the drugstore and it doesn’t break the bank too. Here is what I got —-

Nail polishes!
DSC00132I love essence nail polishes. They are one of the best nail polishes in the drugstore and essence as a whole have never failed to  impress me. The gel ones are form their new product range.

Lipsticks!! Manhattan cosmetics and p2 cosmetics 
DSC00119DSC00131from left to right- p2 pure colour lipstick, manhattan lip laquer, p2 long lasting maxi lipstick(shine),p2 long lasting maxi lipsticks(matte)

Alverde sun kissed highlighter, Essence get big lashes mascara
DSC00123DSC00130Swatch- Alverde sun kissed highlighter

Astor perfect stay 24h primer foundation

Swatches and review in my upcoming posts.
My #day 2 make up challenge will be up soon 🙂 🙂
Have an amazing day lovlies ❤ ❤ ❤
Until then,
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Manhattan powder rouge blush- Tropic orange

Today I have a review on a perfect spring/summer blush I am currently in love with.
Its the Manhattan powder rouge blush in Tropic orange.

I have already reviewed these blushes Here And I think I have raved about them enough. They are pigmented, have awesome colours and easy on pocket. I love these blushes and plan to accumulate almost all of them ∗cough cough ALL ?? ∗(Probably hubsy’s reaction) But you can never have enough right ?? 

So without too much rambling,  coming straight to the colour- 
Its a beautiful Subtle orange colour (Yes I said Subtle!) which is not at all in your face. It may look OMG in the pan but trust me it isn’t and wont make you look oompa loompa.. 
I have been really enjoying this colour and I will feature it in my future LOTD’s
Of course a beautiful and wearable colour for the faint hearted too 😉 
Which are your favourite blushes to rock this season ?
I hope you liked this post .. stay beautiful lovlies 🙂 

Unitl then, 
Kristi Medium
❤ ❤ ❤

essence trend edition- love and sound

Sorry for no posts this weekend.. It had been a busy busy one..
So I was going through essence website and saw their upcoming trend editions. Their last trend was ‘Cinderella’ collection. I had purchased the blush and a nail polish which I will review in my next post. It will be available till the end of march.
I have always loved essence products and use atleast one of them practically everyday. They are affordable, good quality and easily available.

Today I will give you a preview about the trend for april- Love and sound
sounds interesting !!

So lets see what products they have to offer ..

Love and sound eye shadow-

‘boho-beauty! The ultra-soft, baked eyeshadow texture can be blinded ideal and creates a brilliant festival make-up in berry, bright green or apricot. all three colors have a great, pearly finish.

Available in 01 glastonberry, 02 and 03 make life a festival feel the vibe.’

I love these baked eye shadows. They have an amazing texture, pigmentation and quality. I am looking forward to these shadows as I know they will be great as always.

love and sound lipstick-

‘Line-up! Equipped with a three-pointed-applicator you succeed with the multi-style eyeliner pen eyeliner creative. Whether classic, extra wide, dots or triple lines – the eyeliner draws all eyes to himself. Deep black and lingering, he is also the occurring of your favorite band without blurring.’

lost in sound … strong apricot-orange and berry soft provide intense, colorful lips that exude pure fun. the matte finish makes the festival-style totally cool.

Available in 01 glastonberry crowd gone wild and 02.

love and sound blush-

sunset state-ment! the rouge with gradient of apricot to berry and silky texture gives the cheeks beautiful, colored highlights. so does the complexion fresh and healthy and the contour of the face can be beautifully accented.

Available in 01 sunset @ center stage.

love and sound bronzing paper-

summer sound! a true all-rounder is the bronzing paper: it absorbs excessive talk on the skin, frosted simultaneously and gives thanks to the integrated tan powder a sun-kissed complexion! absolutely convenient for travel because it refreshes fast and easy on and fits in any pocket.

Available in 01 sunkissed & happy.

love and sound nail polishes-

colourful life! the four trendy, long-lasting “love & sound” -nail polishes in apricot-orange, blue, berry and green create an exciting “desert sand” effect on your nails. the sandy-matte finish fits perfectly with any indie outfit.

Available in 01 make life a festival, 02 blue-chella, 03 and 04 glastonberry feel the vibe.

love and sound cuticle stickers-

cute cuticles! now is the brand styling ultra-cool, because nails painted next is now the cuticle decorated with small tattoos. whether feathers, infinity symbol or ethno-pattern – is the selection of 28 locomotives great! and so easy: select the favorite tattoo, cut it out and place with the motif down on clean, dry cuticles of the desired fingers. Now press down firmly and carefully pull off after five seconds. wow!
Available in 01 ethno girls ahead!

california ground … are ideal for long days in the favorite shoes, the heel protection pads: the specially shaped, transparent gel pads protect the heel area before friction and cut and give great content – even in high heels!

Available in 01 synthesis pads are made for walking.

I am excited and cannot wait to get my hands on these products. These look very very exciting since they all are in bright colours prefect for the spring/summer. Their quality have always impressed me and I know these will too.

What are you guys excited about ?
Until then,
have a great day lovelies!!
Kristi Medium
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Image courtesy- http://www.essence.eu

Misslyn rich color gloss review

Hey guys ,

how has everyone’s week started so far?

Today I have a review on Misslyn rich color gloss. I found these in Muellers drugstore. They were pretty pricey for a drugstore brand which I dint realise while billing. when I came home and checked my bill I was shocked for a moment. I couldn’t believe I paid this much for these suckers .. they better had to perform good since I couldn’t even exchange them.

So I always used to pass by this stand, the had a wide range of lipsticks, foundation, eye shadows.. I never took notice until I say these lip glosses and on a whim bought 2 of these ..
.. IMG_6614

Here is my review
Price- 6,49 €

This lip gloss comes in a tall, square tube and contains significant amount of product. It is light weight and travel safe. The colour number is written on the rim of the tube. Though, the packaging isn’t unique, its nice.

Texture, consistency and finish-
These lip glosses have a very nice consistency, neither too thick nor too thin. They don’t feel sticky either but glides softly like a balm.
They have a sweet fragnance which isn very over powering. It dosent linger and goes of after some seconds of application.
The lip gloss is really hydrating and has a balmy feel. It soothes out dry, uncomfortable and parched lips perfectly.
I did not notice any shimmer. But they give a nice shine to the lips.

The swatches show the lip gloss to be decently pigmented. Sadly only on the hands. On the lips, they work better with a lip liner underneath or a lipstick. On their own they lack pigmentation.

Here are the swatches-







Final verdict 
I would say if you want just a sheer colour or a topper on the lipstick, you can try these but I think here are much better ones out there in the market. Like the Maybelline ones which are better in terms of pigmentation and price too.
But these are not bad too just to throw it in your purse. They are easy to apply for on the go ladies 🙂

Hope you liked my post 🙂
Have an amazing day 🙂
Darkwoman Regular
Darkwoman Regular
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