About Me..

Hi every one.. I am samiya.. Married to a wonderful person ♥ Living in Aalen, Germany♥
♥As every other girl, I too love make up, Fashion and therefore have started this blog.. ♥
♥I love drugstore products , and have a slight addiction to blushes and lipsticks♥I love travelling♥
♥This blog is mainly dedicated to affordable make up♥ All my reviews are honest ♥Hope you all enjoy and find my posts helpful ♥

Austie Bost There For You Regular
♥ I love dark chocolates especially bitter ones♥
♥I love Spicy food♥
♥I love to go on long drive but I get car sick very soon :(♥
♥I love cooking.♥
♥I like watching detective serials.♥
♥I even like watching Pakistani dramas.♥
♥I love spicy food♥
♥My breakfast has to be museli, beetroot juice and green tea♥.
♥Its hard for me to take a NO for an answer♥
♥I am very positive♥
♥When I upset I need 120‰ attention and pampering from my husband.♥
♥I like listening to music when I step of the house alone.♥
♥I cant stay in silence. I need some kind of noise every time♥
Dr Sugiyama Regular


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