Makeup Revolution unboxing 

Helllooo everybody!!! 

I finally recieved my Makeup Revolution package today. This was my first order after reading innumerous good reviews about this brand. Apparantly its known for cleverly duping high end brands like Too Faced and Urban Decay. I own nothing from these brands so I am not sure about the ‘dupe’ thing. 

It dint come in a box package but a thick plastic one. All the items were bubble wraped securely. Coming to the products- 

Redemption palette Iconic 3 

I ❤️makeup blushing hearts-hot summer of love

I ❤️makeup blushing hearts-golden goddess

I ❤️ makeup blushing hearts-peachy pink kisses

Lip lava-tremor

I ❤️makeup lip geek-caught myself smiling


Top row – hot summer of love

Bottom left-golden goddess

Right-peachy pink kisses

Top-  caught myself smiling

Bottom- lip lava tremor

So this is it. Full review and swatches coming  soon:)  have an amazing day lovlies. 

Until next time, 

Much love ❤️❤️


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