Fuchsia is the new Red! All about hottest lipsticks from 2015 fashion shows!

Yeah or nay ??

Makeup by Maria in Dubai

It was definitely only One lipstick color that stood out on spring runways—and not just because it’s so vibrant. “Fuchsia lipstick is like red’s cooler, younger sister,” says makeup artist Troy Surratt. It’s bold, for sure, “but it’s easier to wear than hot pink and there’s a version for brightening up every skin tone.”
I would like to share with you, guys, the prettiest colors to get you on trend this spring! Some of lipsticks were spotted backstage, another- my recommendations 🙂


Creamy Lipstick
You’re going to want the brightest shade of fuchsia you can find. “It has the perfect mix of pink and blue tones to perk up pale skin without looking jarring against it,” says Surratt. I love M.A.C. Lipstick in Girl About Town, and I’m not the only one—it was the shade of choice for Carolina Herrera’s spring runway, and damn did it look cool. Rimmel Moisture…

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