Currently loving nail edition-essence the gel nail polish

In my last haul, there were essence gel nail polishes I mentioned. These are new and I purchased 3 of them which I am reviewing in this post.

According to the website– long-lasting love! with the next generation of the essence nail polishes! The special formulation of the gel nail polishes give your nails an incredibly long-lasting, high-gloss gel-finish. stunning gloss guaranteed! the nail polish range offers a great diversity of colour, combined with perfect opacity.
Price- 1,55 €
My thoughts- I have never tried gel nail polishes. So when I saw these on the stands I was excited and grabbed 3 of them in different finishes. A matte, shimmer and the normal one. I think the sand effect is also new(I may be wrong, may be it is from their permanent collection but I saw it just recently.) 
I love essence colour and go nail polishes and even their ‘i love rends’ range. So I was positive about these too. They have brought out amazing range of 46 colours from reds to purples to blues black yellow pinks.. There’s a colour for everyone. essence recommends using a gel base coat and top coat for the perfect gel manicure, but I haven’t used any.
Texture and pigmentation
– The texture of the matte effect nail polish is a little difficult to work with. You have to work in thin layers because they seem t be gloppy and thick if you apply too much at once.
one coat isn’t enough because it looks patchy but with 2 coats its much better. They obviously dry to a matte finish. Overall for the price, Its a nice one.
Shimmer– This one is my absolute favourite. I am totally head over heels in love with this nail polish. The shine and the shimmer is not gritty or cheap looking.
The texture is quite nice of the shimmer one and one coat give a medium coverage. I have applied 2 coats and done!
I give this 1 a big big thumbs up 🙂
The Gel– These are the normal gel ones. The texture is neither too thick nor thin. It applies evenly but still have to work in thin layers to avoid looking gloppy.
They have a nice and smooth finish. Overall a nice one if your looking for affordable options to try out gel nail polishes.
sparkle sand effect– This nail polish feels like sand on your nails with silver sparkles. They are sheer and looks great as a top coat or as an accent nail.
(ignore the messy application)
Final thoughts- They are definitely not like the colour and go nail polishes but I would say hey are colour carefully and wait nail polishes. They take A little bit more time to dry completely. I am not much of a fan of the matte finish but I loved the colour.  I would definitely recommend the shimmer one and the normal gel one.
Their lasting power is pretty impressive. 1 and half week and no chips. And being a housewife, we all know nail polishes lasting that much is a major plus point.  

So I hope this review was helpful. I would purchase more colours as they have other finishes too. What colours are you guys enjoying? Have you tried the new essence the gel nail polishes?
Have an amazing day lovlies:)
until then,
Much love 🙂 🙂 


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