Got only 5 mins ? 

Hey guys ? 

We all have those times where we have just 5 minutes to get ready. We want to rush but still look pretty . 

Yesterday was one of those times and I had to literally get ready in 5 minutes. 

This is my routine for these rushed times …

So being on a time crunch, I mainly concentrate on the base, since  I have dark circles and a little discolouration. 

For the base- 

After applying primer, I used a concealer under my eyes , sides of my nose and chin and set it with powder. I used a slight touch of pinky blush. 

For the eyes-

I applied a volumizing mascara. My brows are already thick so I tend to skip them. 

For the lips I used a tinted lip balm. 

Products used- catrice camouflage concealer, rimmel stay matte powder, catrice blush , maybelline colossal mascara, labello lip fruity shine. 

So this was my 5 mins makeup. What is your 5 minute makeup routine? 

I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂 have an amazing day 🙂 

Until then, 

Much love 🙂 🙂 


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