essence trend edition- love and sound

Sorry for no posts this weekend.. It had been a busy busy one..
So I was going through essence website and saw their upcoming trend editions. Their last trend was ‘Cinderella’ collection. I had purchased the blush and a nail polish which I will review in my next post. It will be available till the end of march.
I have always loved essence products and use atleast one of them practically everyday. They are affordable, good quality and easily available.

Today I will give you a preview about the trend for april- Love and sound
sounds interesting !!

So lets see what products they have to offer ..

Love and sound eye shadow-

‘boho-beauty! The ultra-soft, baked eyeshadow texture can be blinded ideal and creates a brilliant festival make-up in berry, bright green or apricot. all three colors have a great, pearly finish.

Available in 01 glastonberry, 02 and 03 make life a festival feel the vibe.’

I love these baked eye shadows. They have an amazing texture, pigmentation and quality. I am looking forward to these shadows as I know they will be great as always.

love and sound lipstick-

‘Line-up! Equipped with a three-pointed-applicator you succeed with the multi-style eyeliner pen eyeliner creative. Whether classic, extra wide, dots or triple lines – the eyeliner draws all eyes to himself. Deep black and lingering, he is also the occurring of your favorite band without blurring.’

lost in sound … strong apricot-orange and berry soft provide intense, colorful lips that exude pure fun. the matte finish makes the festival-style totally cool.

Available in 01 glastonberry crowd gone wild and 02.

love and sound blush-

sunset state-ment! the rouge with gradient of apricot to berry and silky texture gives the cheeks beautiful, colored highlights. so does the complexion fresh and healthy and the contour of the face can be beautifully accented.

Available in 01 sunset @ center stage.

love and sound bronzing paper-

summer sound! a true all-rounder is the bronzing paper: it absorbs excessive talk on the skin, frosted simultaneously and gives thanks to the integrated tan powder a sun-kissed complexion! absolutely convenient for travel because it refreshes fast and easy on and fits in any pocket.

Available in 01 sunkissed & happy.

love and sound nail polishes-

colourful life! the four trendy, long-lasting “love & sound” -nail polishes in apricot-orange, blue, berry and green create an exciting “desert sand” effect on your nails. the sandy-matte finish fits perfectly with any indie outfit.

Available in 01 make life a festival, 02 blue-chella, 03 and 04 glastonberry feel the vibe.

love and sound cuticle stickers-

cute cuticles! now is the brand styling ultra-cool, because nails painted next is now the cuticle decorated with small tattoos. whether feathers, infinity symbol or ethno-pattern – is the selection of 28 locomotives great! and so easy: select the favorite tattoo, cut it out and place with the motif down on clean, dry cuticles of the desired fingers. Now press down firmly and carefully pull off after five seconds. wow!
Available in 01 ethno girls ahead!

california ground … are ideal for long days in the favorite shoes, the heel protection pads: the specially shaped, transparent gel pads protect the heel area before friction and cut and give great content – even in high heels!

Available in 01 synthesis pads are made for walking.

I am excited and cannot wait to get my hands on these products. These look very very exciting since they all are in bright colours prefect for the spring/summer. Their quality have always impressed me and I know these will too.

What are you guys excited about ?
Until then,
have a great day lovelies!!
Kristi Medium
❤ ❤ ❤
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