Avene triXera+ Selectiose emollient balm review

Its been a long time I have reviewed any product. I have obviously been missing writing reviews. So here is a review on my current HG skin care product. This product was featured in my February favourites too. After a lot of misses with moisturisers for my weird skin, I finally got the perfect one.

Product description-
Ultra-rich, emollient cream for severely dry, atopic skin conditions that nourishes, restores the skin barrier, soothes irritation and reduces skin hypersensitivity.
Price € 16,50/ 200 ml
Packaging- Comes in a white squeeze tube with a flip cap

A little about my skin type I have combination to oily skin in summers with my t-zone super oily and combination to dry in winters where I have extra dryness around my chin area.

My experience-
Winter had left my skin so parched and dry to a point where even the most gentle face wash was starting to hurt. It literally used to burn the hell out of me.
As if my skin was screaming HELP!!!

I bought this moisturiser from a pharmacy and from that day it has been my must have.

Since it is a moisturiser for extremely dry sensitive skin, a common notion would be that it may be a heavy moisturiser. But surprisingly it isn’t.

♥The texture is very light and on a thinner side.
♥It is not sticky and absorbs pretty fast in the skin.
♥Although it says fragnance free, it does have that medicine type fragnance which is mild and disappears within a minute or so.
♥A very small quantity is required for the neck and face.
♥Relieves itching
♥Suitable for infants, children too
♥Avène Thermal Spring Water to soothe and soften skin
♥Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic and paraban free
♥it dint break me out or aggravate any current spots.
At the first application, it burned my skin and it parts of my face turned red. It literally drank up the moisturiser and I couldn’t feel anything on my skin.
But the next morning, my skin was much better. Within a week my skin had recovered almost 70-75%. Its been 2 months and now I can say that my skin has returned to normal.



Summing up,

Its a great moisturiser for dry to extremely dry skin.
I used it twice a day but since my skin is now normal, I use it only in the night.

The only con is that it doesn’t have any spf, so in the day time a sunscreen would be necessary. other than that its a must try for all the dry-skinned beauties.

I hope you liked my post 🙂
Stay beautiful lovlies !!
until then,
Kristi Medium

❤ ❤ ❤


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