Current skincare routine (Night)

Hey guys !
Skincare as we all know is so important. Maintaining a proper skincare routine according to your age is of primary importance.
As much as topically we take care of our skin, internally keeping the body full of nutritious diet is also a must.

I am currently in my early 20’s and these are the first stages when we have to start maintaining a skin care routine.

A little about my skin type- I have a combination sensitive skin with some acne scars from teenage years 😦 ..

So here is my nightly skin care routine:
FabfeltScript BoldBalea Soft and clear washgel

Balea is a great drugstore brand here. I have been using this facewash for quite sometime and it has been a must have for me. It cleanses deeply without stripping your face and making it overly dry. It even prevents breakouts so that’s definitely a plus.

FabfeltScript Bold
Loreal skin perfection serum

Currently I am using this serum. It is a very light serum which sinks in really fast. There is some effect on my pores as they have reduced somewhat. It is moisturizing too.

FabfeltScript Bold
Balea beauty effect hyaluron booster
Beauty Effect Hyaluron Booster

I have been using this eye gel for quite sometime now. You have to pat in to make it sink in. It is very moisturizing and in the morning my under eyes feels soft and hydrated.

FabfeltScript Bold
Avene triXera emollient balm

Even though this balm is for extremely dry skin, I like to put a heavy moisturizer in the night. This is very moisturizing and sinks in the skin very fast without giving any sticky feeling. I sometimes use this even in the day for a clean finish.

So Lately this has been my night skin care routine.
I hope you liked my post.

Have an amazing day beauties!!
Dr Sugiyama Regular

❤ ❤ ❤


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