Liebster award !!

Thank you The October’s Cat for nominating me for the Liebster award. I really appreciate 🙂 🙂 check her amazing blog
So as per the rules –

  • Write 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer 11 questions by the one nominating you and link their blog in your post
  • Tag at least 5 bloggers
  • Ask 11 questions for other blogs that you gonna nominate and tell them about it.

    Simple Love Regular

  • I love to go on long drive but I get car sick very soon 😦
  • I love cooking.
  • I like watching detective serials.
  • I even like watching pakistani dramas.
  • I love spicy food
  • My breakfast has to be museli, beetroot juice and green tea.
  • Its hard for me to take a NO for an answer
  • I am very positive
  • When I upset I need 120‰ attention and pampering from my husband.
  • I like listening to music when I step of the house alone.
  • I cant stay in silence. I need some kind of noise everytime.

Here’s The October’s Cat 11 questions

1. Your one favorite makeup product-
2. Your one favorite skincare product-
3. Describe your life in one sentence-
Life is a beautiful conscious gift full of creative power from GOD..
4. What is your most embarrassing experience with makeup?
Never had one 🙂
5. Who inspires you?
People who are positive and live their life with ease and liveliness.
6. Your one favorite accessories-
7. Your one favorite fashion brand (If it’s a special local brand, please tell me the details of that brand :3)
Newyorker. definitely .. its a brand available in Europe and big in Germany. I love the chic and young fashion it offers. Its casual, relaxed with hints of sophistication.
8. Simple or fancy hairdo? Or it depends?
9. Which country would you like to travel to?
Can I have my list please ?? 😉 😉 If just one then It would be Greece.
10. Which do you prefer: being organized or messy?
Messily organised 😉
11. Which do you prefer: taking pictures of being taken pictures?
defi taking pictures

Simple Love Regular
Every one reading this. Sorry I couldn’t select from amongst such amazing bloggers 🙂 You all are so lovely and beautiful people .. Every one is a ‘Liebster’

Simple Love Regular

  1. What makes you smile?
  2. What is one of you talent ?
  3. What would be the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery?
  4. What do you admire most about yourself?
  5. What is your favorite season of the year?
  6. Why did you start blogging?
  7. What is the most-watched movie/DVD in your collection?
  8. What is the best advice you have received ?
  9. What are your 3 top must-have items when travelling?
  10. Are you a planner? Or are you spontaneous?
  11. What are your 3 most top makeup items? both drugstore and high end.

    Thankyou once again for nominating me
    And everyone reading this your up on my alley guys !! I will be waiting for you posts 🙂 🙂
    Have a wonderful time 🙂
    Dr Sugiyama Regular

    ❤ ❤ ❤


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