Limited Edition “Nude Purism” by CATRICE

I know I know 3 posts in a day !!!
But these were all pending posts guys … as I had a very busy and stressful week, I couldn’t post these on time.
But I hope Im not late on updating you with limited edition by catrice..
Im absolutely loving the nude trend going on.. its so classy, sophisticated and chic.. I have a lot of items on my list that I have to try and review..

So here’s the limited edition by Catrice cosmetics-

Soft. Elegant. Fresh. In the spring of 2015, the interaction between transparent fabrics and beautiful, flowing lines is an important trend. Soft nude shades, off white, pink sand and go hand in hand. Elegant, all-over nude plays an important role in the collections. New interpretations of 90s fashion convince through their sheer minimalism. The Limited Edition “Nude Purism” by CATRICE translates this trend in perfect “no makeup” or “nude looks”; a subtle and feminine look that is visible on all the catwalks. In March 2015, this limited edition brilliant quattro eye shadows, lipsticks with a glossy finish and polish in taupe, coffee, pink and cool blue. Nude sets the tone – by CATRICE

NUDE NAIL LAQUER-True perfection. Coffee, rose, taupe and pale cool welcome the spring season and match perfectly with the new nude shades of designer dresses. Nude Nail Lacquer offers subtle color – with and without effects – optimal coverage and ultimate shine.

– € 2,99

  • C01 Taupe-less
  • C02 Barely Pink
  • C03 Pure Blue
  • C04 Naked Brown

PURE SHIMMER HIGHLIGHTER-Couture to the skin. The most beautiful (under) statement of this edition is a feast for the eyes: the Pure Shimmer Highlighter. Attractive 3D relief of ultra soft, pressed powder is like a soft glistening honeycomb. Subtle nude shades and light-reflecting pigments for subtle highlights on the face and neckline.
PRICE- € 4,59

GENTLE LIP COLOUR-Soft and shiny. Four subtle nude shades toffee, pink, rose and classic rosewood create supernatural touches of color on the lips. The creamy texture has a glossy finish.
PRICE- € 4,59
C01 Barely Pink
C02 Silky Rose
C03 Delicate Rosewood
C04 Nearly Nude

NUDE EYE COLOUR QUATTRO-Neutral. Two convincing quattro with each four trendy nude colors: sand, rose and coffee are complemented with cool light. Taupe, pale pink and soft pink accompanied by dark eggplant. Both combinations include both matte and satin shades that can be combined beautifully and subtly. The soft texture is long-lasting, offers maximum coverage and is easy to apply.
PRICE- € 4,59 
C01 Naked Brown
C02 Taupe-less

I have my eyes on the pure shimmer highlighter and the nail polishes and eye shadow quad.
The lipsticks when swatched were quite sheer for my taste but ofcourse thats a really stupid thing to complain since it has to be in the ‘nude frame’ , and as the name says ‘gentle’ lip colour; had to be sheer.

Reviews coming soon 🙂

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