My wishlist for March !

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Hey guys !!
how are you all doing ??
Today’s post is ‘my wishlist for march’
There are so many things on my wishlist that probably this post can be pages long .. but for the sake of not boring you guys I will narrow it down to just 5 most lusted items …

  1. Makeup factory – Luminous skin highlighter 
    This is number 1 on my wish list. i once swatched it and fell in love with it. It has an amazing , easily blendable texture and has tiny shimmer particles that reflect light. I cannot stop imagining how amazing it would look on d cheeks.
  2. Makeup factory – Bronze Luminizer
    This is a bronzing highlighter which I am lusting for. it has a smooth, velvety texture and a subtle sheen for a summer glow.
  3. Makeup factory baked eyeshadows
    This is yet an amazing product. pearly, soft amazing texture.
  4. Ysl lipsticks-
    I don’t own any ysl lipsticks.. so this will always be in my wishlist until I own 1.
  5. Marc Jacobs daisy dream perfume-
    Ofcourse why not !! the tester itself mesmerized me into wanting it in my wishlist.

    whats on your wishlist? I would love to know..
    on a second note.. I found my perfect nude lipstick today ∗whoop∗ ∗whoop∗ after months of searching .. even though Mac has many choices, I don’t Have Mac in my area .. the nearest I could go is Stuttgart which is like 2 hours drive.. I dont know whats the delay when there are all high end brands in douglas.. sigh.. anyways hopefully they bring Mac soon.. till then .. I will enjoy my lippie 🙂 🙂
    hope you enjoyed my post 🙂 have a great evening !!

    Kristi MediumDisclaimer- All the images are property of their respective sites. I do not own any of them.


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