Misslyn rich color gloss review

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Today I have a review on Misslyn rich color gloss. I found these in Muellers drugstore. They were pretty pricey for a drugstore brand which I dint realise while billing. when I came home and checked my bill I was shocked for a moment. I couldn’t believe I paid this much for these suckers .. they better had to perform good since I couldn’t even exchange them.

So I always used to pass by this stand, the had a wide range of lipsticks, foundation, eye shadows.. I never took notice until I say these lip glosses and on a whim bought 2 of these ..
.. IMG_6614

Here is my review
Price- 6,49 €

This lip gloss comes in a tall, square tube and contains significant amount of product. It is light weight and travel safe. The colour number is written on the rim of the tube. Though, the packaging isn’t unique, its nice.

Texture, consistency and finish-
These lip glosses have a very nice consistency, neither too thick nor too thin. They don’t feel sticky either but glides softly like a balm.
They have a sweet fragnance which isn very over powering. It dosent linger and goes of after some seconds of application.
The lip gloss is really hydrating and has a balmy feel. It soothes out dry, uncomfortable and parched lips perfectly.
I did not notice any shimmer. But they give a nice shine to the lips.

The swatches show the lip gloss to be decently pigmented. Sadly only on the hands. On the lips, they work better with a lip liner underneath or a lipstick. On their own they lack pigmentation.

Here are the swatches-







Final verdict 
I would say if you want just a sheer colour or a topper on the lipstick, you can try these but I think here are much better ones out there in the market. Like the Maybelline ones which are better in terms of pigmentation and price too.
But these are not bad too just to throw it in your purse. They are easy to apply for on the go ladies 🙂

Hope you liked my post 🙂
Have an amazing day 🙂
Darkwoman Regular
Darkwoman Regular
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