essence liquid ink waterproof eye liner

Hello lovlies!!
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I have been wearing eye liners for almost 8 years now. Without liner, I look ill and I cannot step out of the eyes without some eye liner.Kohl is only for some days for me. SO I find a nice liner, I seize it, because they will always be used. They do finish and dry out and there is always room for more liners. BLack liners are my favorite.

So i was out of my trustee L’oreal eye liner and hubby gave me just 5 mins to buy one. 5 mins!! i was in a fix as we were heading to a party and i really needed liquid eye liner. i couldn’t find  Loreal eye liner and therefore headed straight to the essence counter and randomly picked this sucker up. And to my surprise …
Read on to know my thoughts..

essence liquid ink waterproof eye liner.


According to the website-
This is the must-have eye liner! the liquid ink eye liner waterproof with the special fine tip applicator makes applying an accurate, black line as easy as child’s play for gorgeous eyes. 

โ‚ฌ 2,49 

It comes in a simple sturdy black tube with blue cap. Some times you do have to be careful about pulling the want out as it flicks some product out. 

My experience-
This eye liner is an intense black that only requires one application to get a very dark black colour. The consistency is medium; not too thick, not too runny.
The applicator is fine and sturdy , not like those cheap flimsy ones. I am able to make an opaque and precise line with one application. The tip is thin enough to get those pretty thin lines.
The finish I would say is semi-gloss. It dries up 30-40 seconds after application.
The staying power is amazing. It doesn’t budge throughout the day neither smudges.
Removing was also easy. It comes of easily with make up remover oil or wipes.

This is such a great eye liner and for such an affordable price. Essence has some great products for real cheap which is why its one of my favourite brands. I don’t really care much for the packaging because really, the simpler the packaging, the more inexpensive the product is.
I would definitely repurchase this as my back-up for eye liners. I will also try other versions from this range.

Love โค 



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