essence ‘i love nude’ baked eyeshadows

Hello lovelies !!

My last post was on the newly launched essence cosmetics . the ‘I love trends’ range  had and interesting display of new eye shadows , lipsticks, lip glosses, and nail polishes. Here is my review on the eyeshadows in this new range.

Eye shadows- ‘I love nudes’

Price- 2.25 euros

These are the baked eye shadows in this range. As the name suggests, they are all neutrals great for everyday looks.

There are 6 shades in this range.

01 vanilla sugar
02 cake pop
03 crème brulee
04 sweet like chocolate
05 my favorite tauping
06 coffee bean

All ‘i Love Nude’ eye shadow products are really super and I was able to snag 5 of them. So the eyeshadows I will be reviewing are 01 vanilla sugar, 03 crème brulee,04 sweet like chocolate, 05 my favorite tauping and 06 coffee bean.


All of these eyeshadows come in a sturdy transparent plastic case. They are travel friendly and the transparent lid makes it easier to spot the colors of the palette without having to open the lid.


from left to right- 01 vanilla sugar, 03 creme brulee, 04 sweet like chocolate, 05 my favorite tauping, 06 coffee bean

from left to right- 01 vanilla sugar, 03 creme brulee, 04 sweet like chocolate, 05 my favorite tauping, 06 coffee bean

01 vanilla sugar

An ivory matte shade, great for highlighting under the brow bone , or as an inner corner highlight

03 crème brulee

IMG_6510 IMG_6514

A matte champagne colour with peachy undertones. Great for a wash of colour on the lid.
04 sweet like chocolate
IMG_6508 IMG_6515

A golden bronzy colour great as a lid colour or crease.

05 my favorite tauping
IMG_6518 (1) IMG_6516
Taupe colour with purple undertones. A great transition, crease and blending colour.
06 coffee bean
A Bronzy brown. This is a perfect crease and outer v shade.

All the eyeshadows look fab over primer and should be worn that way to show its true beauty although they perform great without primer too.

My experience

One word – amazing ! I think these eyeshadows are of amazing quality. They are soft butter like, easily blendable and super pigmented. I have worn them for straight 6 hours and dint see any creasing (without primer). There are some fall outs but nothing major. People starting out with makeup should definitely give them a try since they are affordable, good quality and in neutral everyday colours.


-easily blendable
-good lasting power


-Minimal fall out
i wished all these colours come in a palette rather than having six single cases so that it would be an amazing neutral colour palette and would be more travel friendly.

Final verdict
I would definitely recommend these eyeshadows to everyone. The shades are perfect for every day use, value for money and are a delight to use. Do try it if you get a chance!


7 thoughts on “essence ‘i love nude’ baked eyeshadows

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    • yeah they are beautiful.. i am not hat great in doing makeup but i do manage to pull of everyday looks .. and these colours work great .. but i will try some everyday makeup looks that work great and are easy to do .. thanks for ur comment ❤

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